A Love for Shiny Objects

Tinsman bracelet

Throughout recorded history,women have adorned themselves with precious metals and gems. For me precious metal means silver. Whether this love affair with shiny silver began because of the significance of a silver quarter or half dollar given to commemorate a job well done, a silver dollar given with reverence at Christmas as a gift, or the silvery light of a summer’s moon that gave flight to my wildest fancies is hard to determine. And no matter. When I buy “good” jewelry or play fine lady with faux, I will choose silver ninety percent of the time. Perhaps you do, too. Here at Tickle Your Fancy we have genuine silver jewelry from three companies and that silver will all be on sale for ONE DAY ONLY– Saturday, July 13 from 10-1. Twenty per cent off means significant savings on the real deal. Mark your calendar. Don’t you deserve a shiny object for being such a good girl all summer? Of course you do.

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Nothing Up My Sleeve

With very little fanfare, I will introduce iced tea-loving friends to the remarkable Takeya Flash Chill pitcher right here at Tickle Your Fancy in three demonstrations tomorrow, Friday, June 28.
Here are the times and the teas:

11:00 Root Beer Float
1:00 Chocolate chai
3:00 Strawberry Kiwi
If you want to see how magical the Takeya Flash Chill pitcher is, do plan to be here. Not only will you get the pleasure of watching me being as nervous as a cat, but you will get to drink some danged fine iced tea after the show. How cool is that? 🙂

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New Teas for your Ice Cubes


Novelty. What is it about us that loves an adventure–stepping off that path most traveled by just for the sake of learning what else the world has to offer? When it comes to finding new ways to quench a summer thirst, can you be forever satisfied with “same old same old”? Wait till you see what TYF has to satisfy those wandering taste buds.
Today on tap we are offering “Strawberry Kiwi” and “Lei by Earl.” Don’t you owe it to yourself to give them a try? I say yes.

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Meadow Grounds

Meadow Grounds lake

Water. It’s adult milk. It’s brain food. If you can pass a beautiful body of water and not get lost in the serenity it offers, then check your pulse. Here in Fulton County we have enjoyed a beautiful 200+ acre-lake since 1968. Now it has been drawn down and all that remains is an empty pit and hundreds of dead fish. HOWEVER, we have been promised that the dam will be repaired and the lake will be restored. But it is not going to happen without some “squeaky wheel” action from you. Today and tomorrow at Tickle Your Fancy we are gathering E-mail addresses to draw you into the group who will make legislators fulfill their promises. Do drop by. We need you. You need a lake. Just add water!

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Something Pretty


What a worrisome day with such dire weather predictions! I know all of you are praying that the storms pass without too much damage and the days to come are peaceful and filled with the joys of summer. I know I do. Here at Tickle Your Fancy our masterful painter is putting finishing touches on the tea room. Blissful “Aloe” gives the much longed for “crisp and clean’ feeling that cool aquatic colors guarantee. It is calming and lovely and I am eager for all of you to see it. Some incredibly fresh new summer teas will come through the front door on Friday and all around me I see fanciful and pretty jewelry that will complement an outfit or serve to showcase that safe summer tan you have. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you deserve something pretty? You do. I know you do.

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Live from Las Vegas!

Here in Las Vegas the World Tea Expo is going on right now just a monorail ride away from where I sit enjoying my first cuppa Earl Grey. I started my tea education with an 8:00 class on the health benefits of tea and ended it with a class on best practices and fair trade.In between I tasted about a dozen senchas, participated in a black tea tasting and looked at literally thousands of great new products. The tea trade is a different animal. Rarely does one see such commitment to knowledge, education, health and outreach. It is an inspirational experience! And I got to hang with some AMAZING people including the Tea and Hat Lady herself, Marcella! Looking forward to what today will bring and finding just the right additions to Tickle Your Fancy!rooibos

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Slammin’ into Summer!

Ladies, Fair Ladies, I believe in full disclosure: I HATE hot weather! I wilt faster than ice cream melts under a broiler. However, like all my other similarly-affected sisters, I have learned to cope. Key to coping with temps in the 90’s is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of liquids. Half the time that means plain old H2O, but the rest of those LOTS comes from delicious teas, and I can think of no better place to find delightful, ambrosial, invigorating, calming, beautiful, aromatic teas than right here at Tickle Your Fancy. I like the fruity blends myself from the pineapple vanilla of Exotic Dream to the squashy orangy hibiscus circus that is Lin’s Secret Blend. But there’s a rooibos or a chai or something green or white that will suit you down to the ground. Brew a nice big cuppa and let it cool to room temperature and slam it with ice. Even tender violets like yourself can beat the heat with the right iced tea. So?523352_399753666724171_647207874_n Watcha’ waitin’ for?

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Mrs. Teabody Takes to the Rails

Good Morning from arguably one of the most enchanted-looking locations in the UK St. Ives, County Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. Lady Glass and Mrs. Teabody boarded the 8:57 train at Paddington and three martinis and five hours later arrived at this most charming of seaside towns. En route Lady Glass had the chance to realize a long-held dream of a train ride through the English countryside, and Mrs. Teabody is happy to report that Mother Nature, First Great Western and the English countryside all conspired to deliver the dream in spades. One could not have hoped for lusher trees and fields, more sparkling streams and lakes, a more generous sprinkling of stately homes and proud cottages, a better distribution of sheep, cows, horses and fowl or a smarter set of place names be it Leylant Saltings, Slough, Dawlish Warren, or Torbay. Fewer billboards touting Vodaphone, perhaps, and more chalk horses against mountainsides above bucolic villages such as Westbury, but these are small quibbles, indeed. Lady Glass was all eager traveler taking delight in the ever-changing landscape from her comfortable post next to a huge, clean, unobstructed view of it all.

Mrs. Teabody adores mass transit. Perhaps it was the egalitarian nature of her upraising that wants great cities and charming hamlets to be easily accessible to everyone. What keen satisfaction to walk into a great train station such as Paddington and to realize that all of England is just the purchase of a ticket away. How wonderful it is to look at a map of the Underground, the “Tube,” and plot one’s short journey to remarkable places such as Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern, the Royal Albert Hall or just somewhere exotic-sounding like Elephant and Castle without having to own a motor car.. Of course, all of America is in love with their personal motor cars, but perhaps like Mrs.Teabody you are one that takes little delight in setting out on a journey constantly at the mercy of the drivers of eighteen-wheelers or daredevils not entirely certain which lane they wish to drive in but cocksure that finding that lane will be at your particular discomfort. When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, Mrs. Teabody will opt for the least perilous of means.
Today marked the beginning of the use of the BritRail passes Lady Glass and Mrs. Teabody purchased in the wintry clutches of February. What happens in the next few days as those rail passes enjoy employment may be far-fetched, whimsical, even a bit mad, but each rail journey will be a reminder of what rail travel can be and how much more fun any journey can be when one does not have a steering wheel in one’s hands.
Ta for now!

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Painting Schedule Update

Penny has begun the transformation of the tea room, and I could not be any happier—well, unless it was already done.:):) Anyway, the shop will be closed May 16, 17, 18 and May 21. It will re-open for regular hours on May 22 with no plans for additional need to close. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

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Roll With It

So what do YOU do when your plans don’t go exactly according to plan? You know. You roll with it! Many of you watched me swing madly between two visions of what I wanted the tea shop to look like and you were probably really happy when I finally chose, right? . . .H-o-w-e-v-e-r, in these golden years I have found life goes better for me when I am ensconced in rooms that are light and airy, surrounded by colors as soothing as my favorite pajamas. When Penny the artist told me she could “work me in,” I was all about compromise because I want to give you a brand new look in the tea room and if it all gets a little bit turned inside out and upside down in the process???? We’ll roll with it. Come see. You are gonna LOVE it!

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