If Lord and Lady Grantham Had a Flash Chill Pitcher


I was sitting in the garden this morning feeling sorry for the crowd at Downton Abbey because they did not know the joys of owning a Takeya Flash Chill pitcher. Just imagine how improved their lives would have been had they been able to make a fresh pitcher of iced tea in less time than it takes to queue up the re-runs on your DVR. Even sadder is they did not know the joy of being able to sip the lovely blends I have conjured in their honor: Anna with her irresistible lavender and lemon flavors, Bold Bates with his melange of tart cranberries and hibiscus–softened with apple bits, Lady Mary all a-flutter with her apricot and peach-infused rooibos, the take-it-or-leave-it simplicity of the Dowager Countess‘s lavender flowers, Lady Grantham‘s bold black Ceylon scented with orchid vanilla or Lord Grantham‘s Earl Grey Creme with no edge but with lots of flavor. All is not lost. I’ve made a lovely basket with a sleek black-topped Takeya Flash Chill pitcher and I have surrounded it with these SIX Downton Abbey-inspired flavors– enough to make TWELVE pitchers of iced tea. And just so you have a hot tea option, I’ve tossed in a packet of tea brew bags and a beautiful fresh jar of Reed’s Raw Honey creme. This basket is valued at $90 but is available for a short time for $65 plus tax. A perfect gift for that Downton Abbey fanatic on your present list–especially if the fanatic is YOU!

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