Update your friendships


Is it safe to crawl out of hibernation? With the dizzying yellows of forsythia and daffodils and the promise of pink in magnolias and redbud all around, I must answer, “Definitely!” Here at Tickle Your Fancy, we are filling the shop with bright new gifts and flavors. Where does this energy come from, you ask? In my case it’s from the renewal of friendships, many of them long-neglected. In just the last few weeks, I have had the great fortune to reconnect with two friends I haven’t seen in 30+ years. I have also had two outings with “girlfriends” from high school. Read all about the impact of nostalgia here.


Don’t sit alone in your cave moping. Pick yourself up, dust off your address book and reconnect with someone you love. And come here to TYF and I’ll make you both a nice cuppa.

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