Fall Forward

545734_472745116091692_2126639644_nThis overcast-turned-rainy day asked me to pull out a big tea gun this afternoon and breaking open Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon seemed a great idea. I am enjoying this flavorful cuppa right now and the aroma is definitely leaning toward Christmas, so come get your Fa-La-La purring by choosing one or three holiday teas.

Tickle Your Fancy enjoyed brisk commerce through the FFFF and even the folks who had to wait ( and wait) did so in charming fashion, Ta very much. Now that we are officially three, TYF and I are getting along famously, anticipating trends and attempting to cater to all our lovely clientele. Visitors are always charmed by our lovely home inside the Albert Stoner building. Add a delectable tea from our little tasting nook and the shop is yours for the browsing.

The days grow shorter, of course, and in just a few of those short days from now we will be falling forward with longer evenings challenging our inertia. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a nice stock of great tea to choose from? The answer is YES! See you soon!

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