Storied Store

Meadow Grounds lake north end _MG_5516051213

When I started my little McConnellsburg-based business in the Albert Stoner building, I wanted to pay homage to its strong place in local history and owner Glenn Cordell and Stoner/Lodge heir and friend Melissa Horton have proven invaluable allies in helping me assure that storied past is part of Tickle Your Fancy’s present and future. Furthermore, a commemorative booklet composed and printed during Sandy Richards’ long-term tenancy serves as a primer for visitors far and near who marvel at the beauty of this wonderful building. Should you wish to see some of the tin work that Albert Stoner made, do make a point of stopping by TYF and checking out the display. It is marvelous.

First time visitors should also check out the collection of hats that grace TYF starting with ladies’ hats and their histories in the front gifts and gourmet room and gentlemen’s hats in the tea shop. Each hat tells its own story– a fiftieth birthday, a shopping trip to New York City in the 1940’s, a honeymoon in Paris, a trek across Scottish Highlands or a most recent visit to a wedding in London. The owners and wearers were style icons, folks who believed in setting one’s best foot forward. They are inspirational even if seeing such hats does nothing more than remind us to stand a little straighter, have a care about our hair and feet, and consider lives other than our own.

For several weeks a banner bearing the image above served as a reminder to all who love Meadow Grounds Lake that grassroots support is integral to its restoration. Inside TYF, you can buy or order your own “Just add Water” tee-shirt to show your support. There is a long battle ahead to assure the restoration but who knows what may have happened to our beloved lake without the activism of local folk?

Finally, there is a new addition to TYF that gives me a thrill every time I look at it. The Fulton County Quilt Club has its raffle quilt on display inside the shop and it is a humdinger. First of all it is glorious red work in Irish chain making it a quilt that is at once both traditional and contemporary. To sweeten and personalize this annual work of communal art, two dozen of its talented members have embroidered baskets to fill each square and each one will make you smile if you have ever held an embroidery hoop in your hands. So nostalgic. So endearing. You can buy one chance to win this beautiful quilt for one thin dollar or you can purchase SIX chances to win for one thin five dollar bill. Come on in and see it. I guarantee you will want it.

My earliest memory of a store is from my childhood in the 1950’s in Clear Ridge and TWO stores: Harry Fraker’s which was also the town post office and Lou Fleming’s. Between the two, you could purchase everything from penny candy to sliced jumbo baloney, from three-buckle arctics to Evening in Paris perfume. These were our local stores and they told our local story. Do stop by TYF and see that the storied store has not disappeared. It is just waiting for you.

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