“Girls” Rule


More than a decade ago NEWSWEEK chose as their cover story the women’s World Cup victory captioned with the words, “Girls Rule.” What a powerful cover! What a powerful image! Today I am choosing to share with you a pic of one of my favorite friends and a “girl” who definitely rules, Betsy Ruderfer. In the last few years following retirement, she has recorded two jazz and classics CD’s that I enjoy listening to–partly because she is my friend, partly because I love the songs and she performs them well, and partly because she set a goal for herself and then went out and made it happen.I don’t know about you, but that is what I expect of my “girls” — that they get things done. In honor of all the women who have influenced me along my way and with all the respect they have earned and continue to earn, I am calling a brandy new tea “Girls Rule.” This is an extraordinary blend of the following herbs and fruits combined with the ever-healthful rooibos: fennel, chamomile, cardamom, alchemila, cloves, St. John’s wort, black pepper, juniper berries,and goose grass with apple bits, cinnamon, ginger pieces, raspberry leaves and orange peels. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome blend? You know it does! 🙂 This afternoon there is a planned visit with two friends and their friends–all of them colleagues in one of the most innovative educational programs in the Tri-State. I’ve made up a nice, refreshing pitcher full of Girls Rule just for them. Oh, and for YOU, too! Because ALL my friends know how to set a goal and make it happen. Cheers!

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